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Your First Visit


It is our goal to be a pediatric dental office that embraces your child’s imagination while remaining focused on prevention. By creating a relaxed atmosphere, we are able to provide dentistry for children with a level of comfort and trust that you just can’t find anywhere else. We believe that quality oral health care begins with you and your child. We are passionate about educating both the families of our patients, as well as the children themselves, encouraging them to be partakers in their own health and showing them that the dentist can be a fun, easy, anxiety-free place where teeth get what they need to be beautiful.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in our desire for you to leave our office after your first visit happy with the service and more educated than when you came in so that both you and your child can be influential members in your child’s oral health.


For most of our first-time patients with routine needs, we perform a thorough dental exam as well as a dental cleaning, fluoride treatment and any X-rays that are necessary for the age of the patient. The entire time we are with your child, we are explaining the process, what we are doing, the tools we are using, and why in terms that they can understand so that they feel engaged and comfortable.

Almost all children are seen in an open setting, where the child can be with other kids who are being treated, making them feel more comfortable in the atmosphere, as well as preventing siblings from being separated.

We have worked in children's dentistry for years, and our doctors are some of the best when it comes to both treating and speaking to children and teens, making our doctors some of the top dentists for kids. For younger kids, we take a more tell-show-do approach, so that children understand what to expect and feel confident with the process. For our older kids and teenagers, we really try to hold them accountable for their oral health, explaining what they need to be doing in order to enhance their smile.

Your first visit will usually last no more than 40 minutes, and following the exam and cleaning, we sit down with both you and your child and explain everything that’s going on so that you feel informed and ready to take action on any problems that we may notice.


In order for your child to be unafraid of coming in, it is essential that parents use positive motivation when discussing the upcoming appointment. Give your child ample time to adjust to the idea of coming in, and speak about it as an important and exciting new experience. As a parent, you are always welcome in our treatment area, and we usually recommend this for your first visit.

With toddlers up to around age 5, our parents are almost always present during treatment while many of the older children actually prefer and respond better if their parent stays in the waiting room. Allowing your dentist and pediatric staff to have quality one-on-one time during treatment or checkups is a great way to build trust and enable the child to cooperate better with our procedures, but we will always respect your decision as a parent, and you will never be excluded.


We are happy to be able to ease your worry and handle the insurance as we will submit any dental claims for you on the date of your appointment. We accept almost all types of insurance and are in network for almost all insurance plans as well, but we are passionate about always discussing the cost of any treatment before your appointment so that there are never any surprises.

We request that you fill out our New Patient Paperwork before your appointment, or kindly to our office arrive ten minutes before your allotted time to fill it out there.

Contact Dr. Parnaz Mansouri and Dr. Joseph Curtin today if you have any questions, and see what a difference we can make for your child’s smile!

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