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Diagnose Oral Conditions

It’s amazing what the mouth can tell you. How the teeth grow in, how the mouth handles bacteria, the formation of the jaw and so much more can be early markers of diseases like asthma, ADD/ADHD, diabetes, congenital heart defects, and others.

With a dedicated staff of professionals, the latest, most innovative equipment in the industry and an experience and knowledge that goes above and beyond your average dentist, we are able to diagnose almost all oral conditions, including those that could be signs of more serious diseases. By really understanding both your child, her mouth, and her oral habits, we practice an oral pathology that is second to none, focused on providing you with real solutions and quality dental care so that your child can get the most from his pediatric dentist. Being able to make note of these oral conditions also allows for the proper dental treatment to be put into affect.

Contact Dr. Parnaz Mansouri or Dr. Joseph Curtin today to learn more about how we use your child’s oral conditions to diagnose bigger problems, and see how it can benefit you both to understand your child’s oral health. With an office, staff and equipment designed for pediatric dentistry and geared towards helping ease your child into the dentist’s office, we understand what it takes to make both parents and kids feel at home here. Call now to schedule your first visit.

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