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Our goal at Encino Pediatric Dental Group is to create a fun and welcoming environment where children, adolescents, those with special needs, and their parents feel comfortable and can achieve optimal dental care. We believe that providing kids with a positive dental experience will lead to a lifetime of exceptional oral health. We hope to be there to help with this through prevention and education, and intervention only if needed. To accomplish this we will respect, appreciate, and acknowledge the trust each parent has placed in us as we care for their child and will work together to make the child’s smile happy and healthy.

To accomplish our goal, we use many pediatric dentistry techniques that are endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in order to help children have the best experience at the dentist, including:

–Tell-Show-Do: We show and explain most instruments so they can have a good understanding of what they are and how they work. Children are most often afraid of what they do not know. If familiar with our instruments, they feel safe and comfortable with their use. When possible, we let them hold and play with things like the mirrors, cotton rolls, etc and touch things like the “spinning magic toothbrush.”

–Listen: We listen to the children. They have many questions and we have many answers. We feel a full understanding from them will help put them at ease. If the child has concerns, we address the issue. If they are upset, we try to figure out what is wrong and fix it.

Distraction: During cleanings or treatment, we can talk about other things like their favorite toy or what movie they just saw to keep their mind from worrying about what is happening.

–Positive Reinforcement and Non-Verbal Communication: We praise the child for what they did right and act in a warm, caring, and efficient manner to complete the appointment as quickly as possible.

–Local Anesthesia: The vast majority of our local anesthesia injections are painless. We never say ‘needle’ or ‘shot’ to a young patient and they are shielded from seeing needles or other scary objects. Occasionally, a child may feel minor discomfort or pressure while having their tooth put to sleep. This momentary discomfort will, however, ensure the rest of their appointment is comfortable.

–Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen (N2O): We use “laughing gas” on many patients while completing dental treatment. It gives them a sense of well being and makes them feel like they are “floating on a cloud.” We have them breathe oxygen at the completion to make sure the nitrous is flushed from their system. Once they are feeling back to normal and they can walk out happy and healthy.

–Oral Conscious Sedation: For patients that are a little more nervous, and nitrous oxide is not sufficient, we can use a minimal sedation to relax them even further, if needed. This liquid is given at the office in a small cup. Once the child is more relaxed and the oral sedation has started working, we can complete the procedure. After the working time has passed and the child is acting more normally/less sedated, we can release them to go home for a day of rest and relaxation, being supervised by a parent or caregiver at all times.

–Intravenous/General Anesthesia: There are some children that we cannot get treatment done in a safe and efficient manner, due to a past negative dental experience or general anxiety. If required, we have a dental anesthesiologist come in and have the child go to sleep for treatment. We can also get any and all treatment done in 1 visit if done this way.

Our residency programs and work in a private practice have given us abundant experience in children’s dentistry, as well as in behavior management methods, sedation modalities, general anesthesia procedures, and working with medically compromised/special needs patients. When necessary, we work closely with our medical counterparts to provide optimal and quality care to challenging pediatric patients.

With a highly qualified, skilled and experienced team, we aim to educate children on proper oral health care of our kids dental services. We do this in an exciting way so that we can establish good habits at a young age. With prevention, education and intervention, we go out of our way in order to make your child’s visit a happy one, making them smile bigger, feel better, and do what they need to in order to really have a healthy mouth. In this way, we offer a wide variety of pediatric dental health services such as:

  • Infant Oral Health Examinations
  • Preventative Dental Care For Kids
  • Habit Counseling (extensive pacifier or thumb sucking)
  • Orthodontics For Kids (early assessments and treatments)
  • Cavity Repair
  • Oral Health Diagnosis (as relates to diseases like asthma, heart defects, diabetes, ADD/ADHD, etc.)
  • Gum Disease Management
  • Dental Injury Care
  • Digital X-Ray

Do you have questions or concerns for Dr. Parnaz Mansouri or Dr. Joseph Curtin?

We offer a variety of services for the highest quality dental care for our patients. Contact our kids dental office in Encino, CA today to learn more about the different services we provide and we can help your child enjoy his visit to the dentist. If you have any questions, please contact us by calling (818) 849-5457. We're always happy to hear from you!

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