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Infant Oral Exams

Dentistry For Children And Infants


Many parents we meet don’t understand why infant dental health services and oral health exams are so important if the baby’s teeth are just going to fall out eventually. However, baby teeth matter a great deal to your child’s oral health, both now and in the future, and making sure they are examined by a professional before their first birthday can make all the difference between a lifetime of problems and a beautiful, healthy smile.

According to the American Dental Association and almost all dentists nationwide, babies’ first dental exam is as essential to their growth as their first step or their first smile. In this exam, we are able to diagnose any premature issues that may become larger problems down the road, assess the health of their current teeth, catch cavities, gum problems, and more. Because it’s estimated that tooth decay has become 14% more common now for children between the ages of 2 and 5 than ever before, pediatric oral health exams are becoming increasingly essential to your child’s wellbeing.

Why Do Cavities Matter In Baby Teeth?

We get this question frequently. Because baby teeth are going to fall out, many believe that it won’t matter if they aren’t healthy. However, cavities in babies and children are the same as cavities in your mouth: they hurt. Especially with a child who can’t communicate pain with you, ensuring that their teeth are healthy is essential to keeping them happy. In addition to this, hurting teeth and gums affect speech patterns and eating habits, which in children who are developing in both areas, this can create more permanent changes which will follow them through life.

As a last precaution, decaying teeth, if they are left to rot, will eventually reach the gums—and those aren’t replaced with healthier, adult versions. You keep your gums for life, and if they start out unhealthy it will create a struggle for your child for decades after they’ve lost their baby teeth.

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