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"What can I say, normally kids and dentists don’t mix. I’ve heard horror stories about this kind of thing. But luckily, this place is different. My son got to play in the waiting area for a little bit first to settle his nerves. Then met with the dental assistnt who was calm and relaxing as she got the xrays. Then the dentist came in to brush his teeth and check everything out. She talked him through the whole experience and gave him a toy as we left. He wants to go back as soon as possible!"

~ A. Abrams


"New to the area about 4 months ago and had no idea where to go to see a dentist. My kids old dentist was great, but getting up there in years. Got a recommendation from a friend in a neighborhood mommy group and set up an appt to go to here. We arrived and were greeted with a big hello form the front desk and me and my kids were treated great form then until we left. Front desk woman (I can’t remember her name) made my kids feel completely at home. Kids played for a few minutes, then got set up in the main cleanings room and then greeted the same way by the dentist. She was really nice and gentle and the kids responded great to her. She also answered all my bazillion questions, didn’t rush at all. Loved that. Big thumbs up!"

~ L. Williams


"I was terrified of how my kids would do at the dentist. But as soon as we walked into the office, I knew this was going to be great. The office has toys for the kids to play with and books for them to read, but my kids loved sitting in the child-sized adirondack chairs set up in front of the TV. When it was their turn to be seen, Dr. Mansouri introduced herself to the kids and reviewed with them all the fun things they would be doing that day. She took the time to explain and show them EVERYTHING, so when it was time to get started they were totally comfortable and ready. Dr. Mansouri is so patient with the kids and also so much fun! She sang with them and got them so excited to come back! We are looking forward to going back in 6 months!"

~ Lisa


"What’s not to love about this place! My kids walked in and were immediately drawn to the play kitchen in the waiting area. They played for a few minutes until it was our turn to be seen. Dr. Parnaz Mansouri introduced herself to me and my kids and let us know what we would be doing that day. She introduced them to all of her tools, giving them all funny names and showing them how they worked, so they were familiar with everything and nothing was new or strange to them. Then she asked them which “surfboard” they wanted to sit on. They jumped on to the exam “surfboard” chairs and started watching the movie that was showing on the TV mounted to the ceiling. Once they were on the chairs, they were totally comfortable and happy. I really loved the way Dr. Parnaz introduced everything to my kids before they were even asked to sit on the “surfboards”. It is very evident that Dr. Parnaz understands kids. She is very silly and fun with the kids, but also very knowledgeable. After the exam, she reviewed everything with me and made some suggestions on how we can improve our dental hygiene regimen."

~ Cheryl


"I found Dr. Joe through my insurance company’s website, and am so glad I did! The office has a very calming and relaxing feel to it. I was greeted promptly by Dr. Joe, and he was great with my boy. We had had a negative experience in the past with another dentist, so I was a little worried, but Dr. Joe was great! He was patient with my son and made him feel totally at ease, which in turn made me feel at ease. Fortunately, my son doesn’t have any cavities, but the cleaning and exam went really well. The prize at the end made my son even happier! I think we found our new dentist!"

~ Noushin

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