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How The Tooth Fairy Can Help With Oral Health

For years the tooth fairy has been visiting children in the night, replacing teeth that have fallen out with a small token or payment. One thing that has changed is the amount that children are getting. From the 25 cent pieces that we were all given as kids, the amounts have raised to no less than a dollar per tooth. While this folklore is one that your child is sure to hear about from other kids, you can utilize the tooth fairy as a great way to boost oral health in your home.


For the most part, your little one’s teeth will be in pretty good condition because they are just baby teeth. However, you know whether or not they’ve been following good dental hygiene habits, and can reward them based upon that. If you know that your child hasn’t been doing a great job of brushing, rather than leave a full dollar under their pillow, leave 25 cents and explain to them that the tooth fairy only wants healthy teeth. This should help motivate them to do a better job with a routine cleaning schedule.


While money is always a great treat for kiddos, this isn’t the only form of reinforcement that you can give to your kids for having healthy teeth. Oral habits require specific tools to do correctly. If your child loosens a tooth and has been doing a great job of following a healthy oral hygiene routine, reward them with a new electric toothbrush.

Pediatric dentistry is important because it is the foundation to good oral health habits down the road. At Encino Pediatric Dentistry, we offer oral habit counseling to children of all ages. Schedule an appointment and allow for us to better your child’s oral health.

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