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Getting Comfortable With General Anesthesia & Pediatric Dental Care

When the dental procedure that your child needs requires general anesthesia, it can be a bit unsettling. Here at Encino Pediatric Dental Group, we do offer the option of general anesthesia or intravenous (IV) sedation for certain procedures. In order to put your nerves at ease, we want to dive into what this process looks like for your child and why you shouldn’t be so concerned to take advantage of the option for your child’s procedure.

The underlying fact in all pediatric dental care that uses general anesthesia, is that your dentist will only suggest sedation if it is needed for the procedure or will put your little one at ease. One of the best parts about general anesthesia is that your child will be asleep during the procedure, and won’t have any recollection of it afterwards. This not only reduces the stress levels regarding the procedure, but is a great solution for kids that have high distress levels as is.

General anesthesia is extremely precise, and that’s why we require you to follow before and after care procedures. Depending on the age, your dentist will tell you when the cutoff time for any meals to happen will be. It’s crucial that you stick to these guidelines before your child’s procedure and provide as accurate information as possible.

The procedure will start with the anesthesiologist meeting with you and your little one. From there we will review all of the medical information we have, take weight, height and vital signs, and figure out all the paperwork. Then the anesthesiologist will administer a small dose of a short acting sedative to your child to allow her to start an IV. Once asleep, we will apply the IV sedation that will keep them asleep throughout the procedure. This happens in either the arm or hand. Throughout the procedure, your child will be monitored to ensure that they’re reacting well to the dosage.

Once the procedure is completed, the dosage of anesthesia will slowly wear off and your child will wake up. This differs from child to child, but we recommend setting aside enough time to account for the time it could take for your child to wake up. Once they have been released, we will provide you with aftercare instructions and guidelines.

General anesthesia isn’t as scary as it seems. In reality, this is a great tool that allows for doctors to provide the ultimate care to our patients. If you’ve held any uncertainty going into your child’s procedure, rest assured that the pediatric dentists at Encino Pediatric Dental Group have your child’s best interest at hand with everything we do. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office.

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